spiderMany people argue the benefits of having spiders hanging around the front verandah, getting into the nooks and crannies in your roof and making themselves at home in the hard to reach corners. ‘They keep all the other bugs away’ they say. If you have arachnophobia however, sharing your home with an extended family of spiders can be utterly unbearable. Before you call in the local spider control, have a look around your home and see if you can identify why you seem to be attracting so many of these eight-legged creeps.

Spiders are attracted to places where the food supply is plentiful. This means if your house attracts lots of insects, such as mosquitoes, flies and moths, then it’s like a free smorgasbord for spiders. Woodpiles and tall grass next to your home attracts all kinds of insects and provide a great hiding spot, so store your wood away from the home, and keep the grass cut short.

Night lighting also attracts bugs and, in turn, spiders. Only use your outdoor lights when you really need to.

Indoors, insects and spiders prefer cool, dark places and so if you have lots of indoor clutter, as well as dust, then you are helping create the perfect home for them. Keep your house neat and tidy and regularly clear out those hard to reach places such as behind cupboards and in the attic.

To control the spider population around your home, it’s important to minimise their food supply. If your spider infestation is particularly bad, it’s worthwhile calling in a professional pest control company who can carry out a property inspection and provide a lasting solution.

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