If wasps are causing you problem, call in some pest control experts to rectify the situation. Wasps feature on the food chain of larger insects so numbers may be controlled naturally but nests near your home or an infestation of the flying pests mean its time to take action.

wasp-controlWasps in Australia

There are many different types of wasp in Australia, from the European wasps commonly found in gardens throughout the country to the blue ants (actually a wasp) that are found only in southern parts of Australia.


Wasps And the Food Chain

Believe it or not, wasps have their place on the food chain. Larger insects like beetles will feed on moths, as will vertebrates such as birds, mice, rats, badgers and bats. Humans are also responsible for killing wasps, and in some cultures eating them too.

Dealing With Wasps

Wasps can cause painful stings and in some instances they can prove fatal if the person stung has a severe allergic reaction. If you do get stung, clean the affected area and use medication or cream to ease swelling, itching or discomfort.

call-us-nowIf you discover a wasps nest don’t be tempted to tackle the problem yourself as wasps can swarm, which can be highly dangerous. Instead, use a provider of domestic and commercial pest control services to treat the wasps safely and effectively. Jim’s Pest Control franchisees are throughout Australia so call131 546 or enquire online for a free quote.