Even though silverfish are one of only a few non-dangerous household pests, that doesn’t mean that they are not a nuisance to have around the home. Silverfish can infest multiple areas of the home, and if not eradicated can wreak havoc with your clothing, books, furniture and more.

silverfish2How To Recognise Silverfish

Silverfish, also referred to as fish moths, are small, flat insects that have scales which are silvery blue in colour and resemble a fish, thus they are named silverfish. They are most commonly found indoors because of their love of warmth and moisture. Homeowners will typically find silverfish nestled in closets, under couches and among books or papers. They are pretty tough creatures, and are said to be able to survive for over a year without food, so rather than leaving them be, it’s best to get silverfish professionally removed.

Silverfish Damage

While silverfish do not pose any serious risks for humans, they can wreak havoc with many items in your home as they love to chew and eat any items that contain sugar, starch and cellulose. If you are living with a multiple silverfish you are likely to find holes in your clothes, books, furniture and anything else they can get their hands on.


How To Eliminate Silverfish?

The most common method of eliminating silverfish is by buying silverfish traps, but if you really want to rid your home of these pests forever it is best to hire a professional Pest Controller.


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