termite_damageTermites are a massive pain that can be especially hard to get rid of, so if you find that you have a termite infestation and require termite removal, it’s time to call the professionals now. If you’re lucky enough not to have found any termites in your home, yet nonetheless want to know how to keep it that way, read on to find out what attracts termites and what you can do to keep them far away from your home.



As termites consume food that contains cellulose, you can treat any furniture, flooring, and parts of your home made from wood and wood products as prospective areas for infestation. This is also the case with cardboard and paper, which termites also love. If your home is wooden on the outside or any wooden sections have contact with the outside world, keep them out of contact with soil, either by digging the soil away so the cement or brick foundation of your home protects the wood, or by treating the wood with sealant that will prevent termites from burrowing in.

Termites love warm, dark, and moist areas where they can eat as well as live, so if you find any damp areas in your home, it’s worth getting them looked at. These pests can be a very unwelcome houseguest and make light work of destroying your home and furniture once they get their jaws into them.




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