cockroach_picCockroaches are not only highly unpleasant to have in your home but they’re also a health concern. Cockroaches carry diseases and spread bacteria, as well as cause allergic reactions and aggravate asthma. Understanding why cockroaches have chosen your home to invade is an important part of effective pest control, vital for the health of you and your family.

The number one lure for cockroaches is food. Whether it’s human food, pet food, the garbage or crumbs on the floor, if it’s left out, it’s an open invitation for cockroaches. Ensure your foods are always tightly sealed when stored and your rubbish bin is covered. Always wipe down benches, cupboards, tables and sinks and keep the floors clean too. Strong smells also entice cockroaches, so it’s important to regularly take out the rubbish and compost.

call_to_action_lgoCockroaches are attracted by moisture and need water to survive. Dark places where there is a water supply is the perfect nesting ground for cockroaches. Ensure any leaking taps are fixed and pools of water or dampness, such as a pet’s water bowl or a damp mop are removed.

Cockroaches prefer to come out at night, when it is dark and quiet and during the day stay hidden so remove clutter in your home to eliminate their hiding places. Also, caulking gaps in your walls to keep cockroaches out is a highly effective way of controlling cockroaches. Often, they come inside through holes in the walls, gaps around pipework and cracks around the skirting boards so fill these in to cut off their access.

If you have a cockroach problem, arrange for a thorough inspection by a pest control expert immediately. Jim’s Pest Control, and other outlets across Australia, specialises in commercial and domestic pest control services including general and timber pest management services. Call 131 546 or click here for a free quote