If ants are a constant annoyance in your home, the first stage of domestic pest control is to identify what may be attracting them in the first place.

In the Home

Ants are capable of entering homes through the smallest spaces, many of which you may not be able to track down. If you only see a single ant, you may not be dealing with a full infestation and can take steps to remove this lone intruder, but if ants are a familiar presence in your kitchen and other parts of the home, it’s well worth finding out what’s drawing them there. Any opened food or liquids can be detected by ants from far away, including food left in pet bowls, and it’s just as important to clean up spills on counters and floors as soon as these happen.

ant_clusterIn the Garden

While ants in the garden are not always a problem, they may present a danger if you have children or pets playing outside. Fixing and sealing any cracks and other openings into your building should make it more difficult for ants to gain access, and dealing with any other infestations in your garden, such as aphids, can also help to control ant populations, as these other creatures may be a food source.

Domestic and Commercial Pest Control Services

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