Wasps can be dangerous pests if present in your garden or home, and may require professional pest control to eradicate.


Why are Wasps Present?

If wasps are an annual problem, you should consider whether you are doing anything that could be attracting these pests. If you live in an old house, missing roof tiles and other damaged areas can provide convenient entry points for wasps every year, so getting this damage repaired could make your home more impervious to wasp infestations. If wasps build a nest in your garden each year, this could be due to you property’s location or factors that are in your power to change, such as avoiding leaving food and drink outside.



Control and Removal

It’s important to get wasp nests removed as soon as possible, as the venom contained in individual wasps’ stings can be potentially life threatening as well as painful. Some local councils provide treatments for wasp nests, though these are not usually priorities, and trying to remove nests yourself can be dangerous unless you use the right products. Speaking to pest control experts should help you decide whether you need to make use of their services to protect your home and family from wasps.


Domestic and Commercial Pest Control Services

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