bed-bug-on-skinDo you remember your Mum saying “Don’t let the bed bugs bite?”

Well bed bugs are more and more common in our cities and with international travel being a leading cause together with our fondness for second hand furniture then the bed bugs may indeed bite!

The size of an apple seed, bed bugs are wingless, oval and flat with a dark chestnut colour especially after feeding on us. This chestnut is our blood and this makes them a particularly disgusting looking creature.

There is no evidence bed bugs transmit disease, fleas caused the bubonic plague that tried to wipe us out in the 14th Century remember, but their bites can cause localized swelling and cause some discomfort. In addition they can cause some psychological damage to certain people.

Bed bugs are nocturnal, silently feeding on us at night, then hiding in cracks and crevices during the day. There is some evidence that suggests they are building up resistance to treatments so the correct choice of insecticide is essential to a successful bed bug control program. Your Jim’s Pest Control Professional is well aware of any recent developments and will chose a pesticide that works.

However a thorough inspection is essential. Detection will lead to elimination and inspection is the most important part of the entire bed bug control program. Every crack, every crevice, every crease, every nook and every cranny should be poked and prodded and studied.

Small dark defecation marks and actual sightings help to build up a picture of the severity of the infestation. Then the work begins.

Clean and steam everything including beds and bedding and mattresses and carpets and upholstery and clothing. We can help and advise you with this part.

Mattress encasements are recommended and we are also able to supply these to you at competitive rates. After everything has been thoroughly cleaned we may apply special insecticides to certain areas we feel bed bugs may be attracted to.

Unless bed bugs are re-introduced, our comprehensive treatment program will solve your bed bug problem – we even guarantee it.


Please remember – you can do some of the work yourself or we can arrange for everything to be done for you. The choice is yours.





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John Paton

Divisional Franchisor