Possum Control

PossumWhile many deem our native possum a cute little character, they are still pests. As with rodents, if they take up residency in your home, their antics are not only bothersome but in many cases dangerous with professional pest control required to evict them.

Like with rodents, possums tend to gnaw on everything they can get their claws on, with a particular taste for wiring and cables. This can lead to short circuits or something as serious as a house fire. As possums get themselves into small, dark and hard to reach corners, chances are you wont notice the wiring damage until it’s too late.

Another danger with having possums around the home is the dangers they can pose to your domestic pets. Not only do possums carry ticks and fleas, they can also get quite aggressive if they feel threatened, and can put up quite a fight.


Leptospirosis, the number one zoonotic disease in the world, is also endemic amongst possums. This disease can be highly dangerous to domestic pets and livestock, as well as humans. Spread through urine, a possum problem could lead to a contaminated water supply.

In most states of Australia, possums are protected therefore possum control for possum problems needs to be carried out by a professional.

If you have a possum trapped in a chimney or roof space, open as many exits as possible and allow them to make their own way out. If the possum is still there after 24 hours, or they keep returning, it’s time to call in a pest control expert.


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