Causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage to Australian homes every year, and more hazardous to a property than any natural disaster, termites are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. If you suspect that termites are chewing away at your home, call in a termite exterminator immediately.

Termite Colonies

Unlike other annoying household pests, termites will not enter your home in pairs or small groups – they will swarm in the millions. Living off natural plant matter such as timber and soil, termites can cause significant structural damage to a property if allowed to invade.

Termites construct and live in colonies that have a social order. If a colony is destroyed or termites are separated from their main colony, they will simply form another colony. This is why total eradication is imperative when dealing with a termite problem.



















How to tell if you have a termite problem

The minute you notice swarms of termites you know you have termites on your hands. A matured termite will develop wings and fly away from their colony, usually towards a house or other building, to reproduce and develop their own colony.  In most cases they will bore into a natural wood structure, produce offspring which will in turn eat their way through the structure.

Termites will eat every last inch of timber in a home, but leave the outer layer relatively bite-free. This is the worst case scenario because once they have done this the house will have lost all of its structural integrity and will not be able to stand on its own.

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