bird_nestAlthough birds can be a beautiful and soothing addition to the garden, there comes a point where they stop being lovely to listen to and start being pests. Not only can too many birds nesting in your garden lead to your once-relaxing lawn becoming the victim of a cacophony of birdsong, but other problems – such as mess, plant erosion, a decline in the health of soil thanks to a reduction of insect life, and even problems caused by an increase of sneaky felines visiting your garden more frequently – can also arise.


Having a nest or two in your garden can be nice, but any more than that may make you wish there weren’t any when the issues mentioned above begin to appear. There are ways to stop birds from nesting in your garden, however, so you may find that your problems could be at an end soon. First, if your initial thoughts are to try poison to kill the birds, don’t bother. Poisoning this round of pests won’t make the area any less desirable for the next set, and you are only treating the result of the problem rather than its root. By stopping birds from enjoying your garden in the first place, you’ll be able to stop them from building nests there. Use noise deterrents that can be bought from pest control services, as well as visual deterrents (which can also ward off cats), physical barriers – like netting that makes normal roosting places uncomfortable – and sprays that will make food sources taste bad to the birds.


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