ants_2If you’ve noticed ants in your home, follow the necessary steps required to get rid of these common pests. Find out more about ant removal and preventative steps you can take to ensure an ant free home.

Ants in Australia

Australia is home to several different species of ant. Ants commonly found in Australian homes include:


  • white-footed house ant

  • odorous house ant

  • coastal brown ant

  • carpenter ant

  • bulldog ant

Ants like to live under buildings and inside wall cavities although white-footed house ants are well known to set up home in air conditioning units. If you come across bulldog ants leave well alone as they can inflict a painful bite.

Within the home, you’re likely to spot ants in your kitchen, along floors and window ledges and around sources of food, such as bins or pet bowls.

Why Ants Can Be Harmful

Some species of ant have a nasty bite but they can cause other problems in the home too. White-footed ants commonly short circuit air conditioning units as they build their nests and all species of ants are capable of carrying and spreading germs and disease.

Ant trails and mounds in your garden can be unsightly and can even cause damage to paths and lawns.

Ant Prevention

Reduce the likelihood of ants setting up base in your home by keeping food stored in airtight containers and above ground. If you have any pets at home, empty their food bowls after they’ve finished eating and make sure you empty bins regularly. Ants are primarily attracted by shelter and food so reducing any food sources is an effective preventative measure.

What To Do If You Find Ants

call-us-nowIf you find ants in your home or garden, call in the experts who can inspect, bait and eradicate the issue. Jim’s Pest Control provide commercial and domestic pest control services throughout Australia. Call 131 546 or enquire online for more information, services and quotes.