houseIf you’ve never had a problem with house pests in the past, then it’s a good idea to have a property inspection in your home once a year. However, if you’ve dealt with termites, cockroaches, ants, spiders, mice, bed bugs, or any other irritating house pest in the past, more regular checks would serve you and your family well.

Particularly shortly after dealing with an infestation is a good idea, especially for the more hardy of critters such as bed bugs, which can survive for 18 months without food. The eggs of these horrible insects can survive being sprayed, so you should have your pest control service return at appropriate intervals to treat your home again.

If you’ve had fleas in the past, ensure that you keep your home clean and have any dogs or cats treated with flea treatment regularly – and continue to have your home inspected in order to prevent the issue from cropping up again.

For termites, annual inspections work in some areas, whereas others need more frequent ones. Every quarter is a good plan until your pest control service gives you the all clear to reduce inspections to every six months or less.

When it comes to controlling outbreaks of bed bugs, fleas, termites and more, it’s definitely always better to be safe rather than sorry. So make arrangements for a property inspection  today by calling us on 131 546 or enquire online for a free quote.