petsIf you pet has managed to pick up some fleas, don’t be tempted to trim their hair and fur to get rid of the problem. Although fleas can live on your pet for several weeks at a time, their eggs tend to drop off into the environment, which is likely to be inside your home, as well as any relevant outdoor areas, like dog kennels or runs. Treating the eggs is important to prevent a future outbreak.

Treat Your Pet

There are a number of different flea treatments for your pet. Natural remedies have limited benefits but eucalyptus can be used as a preventative measure. Take care if using essential oils on your pet and remember it’s important to get the measure just right.

Different animals have different tolerances so it might take a spot of trial and error to work out the best solution for your pet and remember you can make use of forums to see what has worked best for other people.

Treat Your Home

Inside the home, treat all areas where fleas could survive. Bed sheets, rugs and clothes should all be washed at high temperatures to kill the bugs, as should dog beds. Steam cleaners should be used on carpets and other soft furnishings.

call_to_action_2Finally, call a local pest control expert who can treat your home to ensure fleas are killed properly. Call Jim’s Pest Control on 131 546 or enquire online for more details and quotes and sort out your flea problem today.