Fleas are not only pests that will latch themselves onto the back of a cat or dog, they can also latch themselves onto humans. Having a flea infested house is unsanitary, annoying and potentially dangerous, which is why it is essential to eradicate these pests as soon as possible.

Getting Rid Of Pet Fleas

Fleas will probe the skin of any warm blooded host, such as a dog, cat or human, and will draw blood out for a period of time which can cause intense itchiness or even disease if the flea has moved from an infected host. Luckily, pet fleas are quite easy to control through the use of flea collars, medications and flea control shampoos. If you stay on top of a flea control routine with your pet your home should be flea-free in no time.



Eliminating Human Fleas

Much the same as pet flea problems, human fleas can cause intense itchiness which can lead to rashes, blistering, and secondary infections. In order to make sure that your home doesn’t become overrun by fleas it is essential to keep your lawn and garden as well-groomed as possible so as to remove hiding spots, eliminate the presence of rodents, and ensure that you vacuum your floors and carpets as regularly as possible.

If you have been living with fleas in your home, it’s vital that you get remove them as soon as you can. By calling a professional to check out your home and deal with any fleas they come across, you can quickly eradicate the presence of these pests in your home. Remember to also give your pets flea treatments regularly to stop transmission via animals, and for any further advice call Jim’s Pest Control on 131 546 or visit their website.call_to_action_2