Termites can cause a nuisance in your home, usually to wooden structures. Termite removal is essential if you discover these insects in your unit or house and preventative action can be taken to reduce the likelihood of future occurrences.

What are Termites?

Termites are often confused with ants and are even referred to as ‘white ants’. Termites are, however, a different type of species altogether with pale brown bodies and six legs. There are several different castes of termite within each colony, including: queen, king, worker, soldier and reproductive.

Detecting Termites

Termites are hard to spot as they avoid light and rarely venture into open spaces, preferring to protect themselves from the environment.

Termites are often discovered in the home because of problems with timber, including warping or bubbling of wood surfaces. Walls can also become discoloured. Termites have an annual flight from their nest, a time when homeowners are more likely to spot them.

The Australian Government recommends inspecting timber structures annually, a task ideally carried out by a licensed pest controller. Look for potential entry spots to timber structures and don’t forget to check the exterior of your home too.

Preventing Termites

Prevent termites by fixing any plumbing or roof leaks. Keep the home wind and water tight and well ventilated as termites favour damp conditions. Termite barriers are used throughout Australia so make sure any renovations or extensions don’t upset existing barriers. Inspect and clean any timber regularly, including outdoor decking.

call_to_action_lgoIf you suspect you already have a termite problem, call Jim’s Pest Control on 131 546 or enquire online for a free quote. Organise a property inspection to assess the situation and then use pesticide barriers, dusts and baits for prevention.