Why are Cockroaches considered Pests?

Cockroaches have been around a lot longer than humans – the earliest Cockroach fossils date back 350 million years! We on the other hand have been around for only 200,000 years.

cockroach-controlHowever Cockroaches are considered Pests to us and this is due to a number of factors.

Unfortunately, we have contributed to their pest status by providing them with wonderful breeding grounds and by helping to transport them around the world on our ships and on our airplanes.

Now consider this incident. A few years back, in one of our major cities, over 2 million Cockroaches were found living in a 2 bedroom unit. This unit was empty at the time and was an excellent breeding ground. The Cockroaches had shelter, food, warmth and moisture.

Obviously that unit was unfit for human habitation until a thorough sanitation and treatment programme was carried out but we are still leaving ourselves vulnerable to a variety of health problems if we leave a cockroach population unchecked.

You have gone to sleep. You had a party and a great night was had by you and your friends. The dishes have been left out and there is left over food on the kitchen counter.

The house is in darkness. Slowly a couple of German Cockroaches emerge from their safe habourage. Tentatively checking out your kitchen surfaces they come across the food. Soon your kitchen is covered by scores of German Cockroaches as they gorge on the food.

Now this is the disgusting part. They vomit on the food and your surfaces. Their droppings mingle in with the food and get caked onto your surfaces. The food and your surfaces are contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria which could make you and your loved ones sick.

German Cockroaches can live in and around grease traps and sewers and all that filth and pathogenic bacteria can be traipsed into your kitchen as well.

You wake in the morning. Bleary eyed you make some buttered toast and pour some milk into a dish of cornflakes for the kids. Your surfaces and your food and your cutlery and crockery are probably all contaminated.

You smell something not quite right. Within feet of where you are standing there could well be scores of German Cockroaches safe in their harbourage waiting for darkness and another feast. You are actually smelling the odour given off by their secretions from their mouth parts and their cuticles or outer covering.

You might even spot a lonely German Cockroach pushed out of the habourage by it’s mates due to overcrowding. If you see this happen, then you many have a serious infestation. And you might be justified in feeling annoyed or even fearful at the sight of it.

One of your children may have an allergy to Cockroaches. You have been to the Doctor and tests have been conducted.  Although testing procedures are comprehensive in trying to find out what your children are allergic to, nothing is foolproof and if you can eliminate a German Cockroach population, then this is one less thing to worry about.

Although rare, there have been documented cases of people bitten by Cockroaches. This usually occurs in extremely cramped and confined conditions where humans and Cockroaches co-exist – and normally on ships at sea.

As you can see, the Cockroaches that enter our houses are certainly considered Pests!

You will need to call upon a trained and licensed Professional Pest Control Technician.

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By John Paton

Divisional Franchisor