Although tiny and seemingly harmless, carpet beetles are an intriguing household pest that will eat everything in its site, such as furniture, the carpet, and other natural fibres. The resilience of carpet beetles makes them a little tricky to eradicate, but not completely impossible.

carpet_beetleIdentifying Carpet Beetles

Adult carpet beetles have round bodies that are roughly three millimetres in length, with very little defining features such as a head or antennae. Their colouring is a mixture of yellow, white and black. An outbreak of carpet beetles in the home will usually be indicated by leftover droppings and shed skins. If you notice crusty pieces of dried skin in common areas of the home, it is likely that a carpet beetle has been there.



Like other household bugs, carpet beetles enjoy warm secluded spots when they are feeding or laying eggs, such as in cupboards, behind doors, and under carpets. Adult beetles usually live outdoors, but will migrate inside to lay eggs which feed off organic fibres within the home.

Carpet Beetle Larvae

call_to_action_2Carpet beetle larvae are tiny in size and have a hairy body, which can break apart when touched and may even cause an allergic reaction. The most common feeding routine will come from beetle larvae, before they migrate outside.

A complete eradication of both the inside and outside of the house is necessary to get rid of these pests.

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