Originally used as a children’s nursery rhyme, ‘don’t let the bed bugs bite’ is actually a true warning on the dangers of bed bugs. These pests are known to make themselves comfortable in our beds, and can cause problems if not eradicated early.


bedbug_manWhat are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are nocturnal freeloading insects that live off human blood, but can also survive several months without it.  Bed bugs are usually found in beds due to their warmth and the fact that a human may be sleeping in it. Although they do not pose immediate health risks to humans, a biting bed bug can cause a number of other problems.

Allergic reactions

The most common symptom of bed bug bites is an allergic reaction. When the bite pierces the skin of a human a small, sometimes unnoticeable, welt will appear, much the same as a mosquito bite. The welt can often become itchy which can lead to scratching and oftentimes severe scarring or infection.

A severe infestation of bed bugs has in the past led to bed bug-bite anaemia, whereby the invasion is so strong it has caused complete loss of the quality of red blood cells.


The size of a small pea and capable of attacking a host without even being noticed, bed bugs can be hard to catch. It is important to vacuum your bed and wash your sheets on a regular basis, and always make sure to check and wash any used furniture or clothes that you bring into the house. If you have pets, remember to wash them frequently as well.

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