The scariest thing about bed bugs, aside from the fact that they feed off human blood, is that they can attack a human host without being noticed. This is the reason why so many humans could have an infestation of bed bugs in their home without even knowing it.  Use the following tips to detect bed bug activity in your home so that you can hire a professional to eradicate them as soon as possible.




















Itchy skin is the most obvious symptom of bed bugs, as the bite and sucking actions that they inflict can cause the skin to react and become itchy. Bed bugs will usually attack an uncovered area of skin, so if you notice that your bare legs are intensely itchy after a night’s sleep then you may have bed bugs.

Number Of Bites

A sure-fire way to recognise an infestation of bed bugs is by the number of bites you have on your skin. Unlike other household pests such as fleas, bed bugs will inflict multiple bites in one area, usually lined up in a row.

Dark Spots

Bed bugs have glands that expel faeces, so if you find tiny traces of dirt, odours and dark faecal spots on your sheets then this is almost definitely an indication of bed bugs.

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