wasp-controlWasps are considered pests to us because they can sting us and cause us some anxious moments when they are flying around us on a Summers Day. This is especially true when there are small children around.

But actually wasps perform some valuable functions. Although much of the pollination that happens on Planet Earth is done by bees, some species of wasps help pollinate as well.

They also eat insects that cause damage to our crops such as caterpillars and assorted beetles and bugs. They can also control fly populations as well. Wasps also eat Spiders some of which are poisonous and a threat to us.

Most Professional Pest Controllers have a special affinity with the insects and rodents they control. Now this may seem strange but when we are controlling Cockroaches for example we “think like a Cockroach” When we control termites we also “think like a termite” The same applies for rodents and ants.

However think of the poor wasp. We don’t need to think like a wasp. Their nest or at least the entrance to their nest is normally highly visible.

I have been involved in Pest Control since 1989 and some Jim’s Pest Control Franchisees even longer. We all have our own stories we relate. During the mid 90s I was in New Zealand running a successful Pest Control Company. I was called to a wasp job and the nest was located on a roof of a bungalow.

Safely harnessed with a carabena and rope I clambered up and made my way towards the nest. I was immediately struck by multiple entry points along the roof ridge extending almost 3 metres.

I thoroughly dusted each entry point and asked the client if I could get into their roof void to check out the nests. Now these are the times you wish you had a camera. There weren’t multiple nests but one long nest extending over 3 metres long and a half metre extending down from the inside of the roof. There have been other documented cases of very large wasp nests in the world and the record holders invariably come from New Zealand for some strange reason.

Although they may be troublesome during the Summer Months, think of the many benefits that wasps give us. However If you do spot a nest in and around your home it really is best to leave it to a trained Professional.

All Jim’s Pest Control Franchisees are trained and licensed and carry extensive Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

With the safe and effective wasp eradication programme we carry out, the wasp has no chance of survival.

John Paton

Divisional Franchisor